Composer Matthew Suttor and a team of musicians, theatermakers, and computer programmers are creating an opera in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

I AM ALAN TURING draws on cryptography, mathematics, AI, and Turing’s fascination with natural patterns in the universe to present a new model for creating opera in the age of information.

The team have trained an instance of Open AI’s GPT2 natural language model on everything Turing wrote and read in his life, and collaborate with this Turingesque model to generate the libretto.

Music is created by analog synthesisers sequenced to musicalize mathematical series like the Prime and Fibonacci numbers, while visual design is drawn from Turing's later discoveries of the chemical basis for life— morphogenesis.

I AM ALAN TURING leverages artificial intelligence to understand what it means to be human. 

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Alan Turing

is a British mathematician and biologist who cracked the German Enigma code during WWII, invented the computer, and predicted Artificial Intelligence. 


Liam Bellman-Sharpe

is an Australian composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, and baritone. Working across disciplines, he specializes in designing the software tools and sound systems to create sonic environments.


Sola Fadiran

is a Nigerian-American actor, singer, and writer. As an actor, he made his Broadway debut this year in Camelot at Lincoln Center Theater. He has performed as a soloist and artist with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, Teatro Isauro Martinez, Cincinnati Opera, Orchestra New England, Columbia Orchestra, Utah Festival Opera, and The Metropolitan Opera and Lincoln Center New Work Commission as well as the Yale Schola Cantorum, among others. 

Hugh Farrell

is an Irish dramaturg, producer, and Head of Cultural Affairs for the Irish Embassy in Paris. His work imagines new ways for audiences to interact with art, technology and the environment.


Matthew Harrison

is a multifaceted musician with degrees in piano and voice, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in choral conducting.  

Frederick Kennedy

is a Canadian-American drummer, composer, and sound designer whose work explores the intersection of music improvisation and collaborative theatre-making. He is Assistant Professor of Sound Design and Composition at University of Minnesota’s Department of Theatre Arts & Dance.


Tyler Kieffer

is a sound designer whose work explores the power of sound to transform our perception of space. He is associate professor of sound design at Louisiana State University. 


Jean-Francois Monette

is a Canadian director, screenwriter and producer. His body of work explores themes of representation and sexual identity.


Madeline Pages

is an American dramaturg and scholar whose research bridges the fields of performing arts, technology, and media theory. Her current research interests include the historical use of performance as a tool for marketing scientific innovation.

Emily Reilly

is a British/Irish performance maker and dramaturg working across theatre, film and dance. Emily is Co-Artistic Director of HORSE Performance Company.   

Dakota Stipp

is an entrepreneur, software developer, interdisciplinary designer, and composer who develops new applications for spatial and sensor technologies in performances and exhibitions. He is CEO of Amuse Technologies, a startup in the arts and culture space.


Matthew Suttor

is a New Zealand-born composer who specializes in combining electronic and acoustic music. He is Program Manager at CCAM and Senior Lecturer in Theater and Performance Studies at Yale.


Wladimiro A. Woyno R.

is a Colombian visual designer whose work focuses on adapting new technologies for live performance. He is Assistant Professor at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts in Theatre Design, Vancouver. 

Max Monnig

is a forth year acting student at DGSD, where he has appeared in Ghosts, The Winters Tale, and The Misanthrope. He is very thankful to be a part of this beautiful project.

Aura Michelle

is a multi-hyphenate artist and second-year MFA stage management Candidate from Canada. Her passion lies in new plays and projects, music, dance, and collaborative performance creation.

Sharon Ahn

is a songwriter/composer, performer, keyboard instrumentalist (piano, carillon, organ), music tech enthusiast, and music director pursuing a degree in Music at Yale College. Singer on occasion: previous groups include the Whiffenpoofs and the Yale Glee Club. 

Annabel Beatty

is a soprano who has been praised for her silvery tone quality. She studies with Maggie Lieberman and is looking forward to making her Yale theatrical debut.

Benjamin Beckman

is a composer, conductor, pianist, and singer who sings regularly in the Yale Schola Cantorum and in choirs around New Haven. His undergraduate thesis in composition, Passage – a 70-minute chamber opera, won Yale's 2023 Beekman Cannon Friends Prize for most outstanding thesis submitted in the music major.

Shane Francis

is a well-rounded vocalist who recently moved to Connecticut from New York. A graduate from The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam in 2018,they are currently singing under the baton of Dr. Felicia Barber in the Yale Camerata, and are excited to continue discovering the music community in New Haven!

Eduardo Pagliaro-Haque

an avid sing-anywhere-anytime vocalist, is passionate about the sounds and structure of language. A walk down the street with him will almost always result in an unsolicited song and a quote from you for his notebook.

Mae McDonnell 

is an emerging soprano studying with Maggie Lieberman. Mae has performed with choirs at Yale, Eastman, and UConn, and is thrilled to be a part of this creative process. 

Gene Stenger 

is a professional singer, and Bach specialist, who as a tenor performs as both a soloist with symphony orchestras as well as a chamber ensemble musician with various organizations across the country. He currently resides in New Haven where he serves as instructor of voice at Yale. 

Tyler Schroder 

is a junior Computer Science major at Yale University. He is a Sound Engineer with Undergraduate Production supporting original works and Senior Thesis productions at Yale. 

John Kao

is a production strategist, Turing Fellow, CCAM; Visiting Fellow, SEAS; Tony nominated producer, former Harvard Business School professor, serial entrepreneur, and innovation activist.

The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

(CCAM) at Yale activates creative research and practice across disciplines to advance the cultural landscape of our time. We initiate and support work that adopts and investigates approaches from the arts, architecture, engineering, the sciences, and more.  


A true creative at heart, Kino has been involved in the creative and cultural industry for the majority of his life. Growing up, in addition to being a performing musician, he received certification in music theory, steel pan construction and tuning, studio sound engineering, and live sound reinforcement. He holds a BFA in Theatre Design and Production from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, he is currently pursuing his MBA with the University of East London, and he is an MFA candidate at the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University.
Special thanks to:

CCAM and the CCAM Advisory Board, Yale College Arts, HP, Archive Centre at King's College, Cambridge, Ashley Pilipiszyn and OpenAI, David Geffen School of Drama, Black Magic Design, National Portrait Gallery​ London, and the Digital Humanities Lab, Yale University

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